Balm of Gilead Oil

Balm of Gilead Oil

For Sore Muscles & Injuries

100mL - $34.00

50mL - $23.00

  • A warming oil, Balm of Gilead is made from Cottonwood tree buds & has a mild aromatic balsam scent. This oil is renowned for its anti-inflammatory & vasodilator actions. It effectively limbers stiff joints & is good for pain due to sprains, hyper-extensions, mild arthritic joint pain, muscle pain from over use & any swelling or pain due to inflammation or congestion, needing hot or cold treatments. This oil also provides relief from tendinitis pain.
  • Contents: Wild crafted extract of Black Cottonwood bud, cold pressed E/V olive oil, with natural Castor bean oil for deeper penetration. Flower Remedies: Rescue Remedy & Crab Apple.


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