Calendula Flower Oil

Calendula Flower Oil

100mL - $29.00

50mL - $19.00

Calendula Flower (Calendula of.) has great diversity in its ability to heal

  • It stimulates circulation & blood supply to the surface nourishing the collagen in skin & also helps weak & congested vein conditions.
  • Renowned for its ability to relieve pain & itchiness associated with wounds, rashes & mild eczema.
  • Has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral & disinfectant properties providing effective healing of wounds, cuts, rashes, burns, scrapes, bed sores, reducing inflammation & swelling.
  • Excellent massage oil, nourishing & gentle on sensitive skin & use on the face. Ideal for preventing & healing diaper rashes.
  • Energetic Ability: comforting & calming in a nurturing way. Excellent for those in emotionally delicate states & helps babies & children settle.


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