Fireweed Botanicals Balm of Gilead Oil

Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa

~ Sore and Injured Muscles ~ Bruising ~ Arthritis ~ Anti-inflammatory ~ Eczema

natural subtle balsam scent

wild crafted – local 

This beautiful oil is from the life force of a water and sun loving tree native to western Canada. These trees teach us about staying rooted in ourselves and fosters emotional understanding and release.

100 ml. – $36       50 ml. – $26

From the Black Cottonwood tree bud 

Balm of Gilead is renowned for its anti-inflammatory action effectively limbering arthritic and stiff joints.

Helps prevent and slow the forming of varicose veins with its vasodilator action when used regularly.

This oil reduces pain and inflammation due to sprains, pulled muscles, ligaments, hyper-extensions and overworked muscles and has a subtle warming sensation when applied.

It also helps ease tendonitis and fibromyalgia pain (also see Dandelion Flower Oil)

Skin Conditions: Balm of Gilead calms and aids in the healing of mild to moderate eczema.

Energetic Nature: grounding, strength, emotional release.

Contents: crafted extract of Black Cottonwood bud, cold pressed E/V olive oil, natural Castor bean oil 10 ml. and corresponding Flower Remedies.