Herbal Relief Oil

Herbal Relief Oil

Formulation of 3 different plants – for pain

Hypericum perforatum – Taraxacum officinale – Populus gileadensis

local – wild crafted – native – organic

Herbal Relief Oil – Testimonials

“When I apply Herbal Relief oil to a sore or achy place in my body it activates energy movement in my tissues. It opens the cells of my body to the pulse or Divine Throb of life. All of this is gentle, warm and loving-feeling. What had been shut down and feeling stuck comes softly alive and full of well-being.”


Victoria, BC

April 2013

“Having suffered soft tissue damage from a motor vehicle collision, I have been using Joanne’s Balm of Gilead and now Herbal Relief in place of ibuprofen for the past ten years. Headaches; the result of neck and shoulder injury and strain have been a constant problem for me. I apply the oil at night and sometimes add a soft heat pad. Awaking without pain and feeling rested was a new thing for me. If I use the oil and heat when my neck begins to feel tight I can sometimes head off weeks of pain.”

Marianne Brown

Thunder Bay, ON

“As an athlete, I use this on strains and fatigued muscles to enable me to train the following day. When working long hours I have applied it to my plantar-faciitis and it enables me to finish my ten hour day on my feet. On a more serious note, I have chronic stomach problems and the use of this oil alleviates the indescribable pain that I suffer daily and enables me to make it through a night without waking in pain when applied just before bed. These oils work on a deeper level than any other product I have used.”

Mary Anne

Victoria, BC

“My condition: Diagnosis is Thoracic T 7 through to T 11 Disc space narrowing, disc herniation T 9-10 abuts and flattens the left cal sac. T8-9 central posterior neophytes. Costocondritis secondary to spinal diagnosis. Referred pain radiates to throat, jaw, ear & head.

My spinal pain has diminished, my left jaw and ear pain is also diminished. After applying the Herbal Relief Oil I discontinued Ibuprofen and decreased the dose of Lyrica. The abdominal discomfort is due to enlarged Diverticulums,uterine fibroid’s. The Herbal Relief Oil has decreasing the referred pain well. I also gave a sample to my dogs Veterinarian as it worked well for my dogs irritated hip muscles. Rescue Remedy is working so well for her to! I

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