Calendula Flower Oil

Calendula Flower Oil

Calendula Flower Oil

Marigold – Calendula officinalis

local – organic

Calendula Flower Oil – Testimonials

Calendula Flower Oil“Oil of Calendula is the best facial beauty product I have ever experienced! I have used it every night for a few weeks already, and I see great results. I wash my face and just after I apply the oil using delicate massage, especially my creases at both sides of my mouth, but also everywhere else, including the eyelids.

For a few years I have been replacing the night face cream with an apricot oil or coconut oil – with good results. However Joanne’s Oil of Calendula has a remarkable effect on my skin! I was shocked by the intensity of tingling due to increased circulation after the application of this oil. My skin which was obviously neglected due to prolonged stress in my life – suddenly became more vibrant, supple, and the wrinkles don’t seem to be so bad. Whenever I use this oil on my face I feel better about myself, because my skin feels and looks better. It motivates me to make more effort towards taking care of my body.

Thank you, Joanne, for this amazing contribution! I can feel the effects of your personal esoteric relationship with calendula, because the product brings more to life than it’s botanical properties. It makes me feel that the flower lives on my skin and caresses my body… it is really amazing!”

Ania, Sept. 2013

East Sooke, BC

Calendula Flower Oil“Several years ago, I experienced a severe stroke. My right side has remained paralyzed and my foot and leg vulnerable to edema and skin irritations. I have been using Oil of Calendula for a few months. I apply it nightly after my shower and when I get up in the night, being careful to massage the area carefully. The edema has subsided, the skin irritations have improved and the skin around my ankle has gone from a tissue-paper like layer to a proper skin texture. The oil has a soothing and calming effect.”


Victoria, BC

Calendula Flower Oil “I love using your Calendula Flower Oil for doing baby massage on my son. He often has chapped cheeks and your wonderful oil keeps his skin soft and supple. We have found it to be a wonderful, healthy, safe and beneficial alternative to the many highly fragranced mineral oils available.”


Vernon, BC

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