Fireweed Botanicals Calendula Flower Oil

Calendula officinalis

Face and Body Oil ~ Sensitive Skin ~ Circulation ~ First Aid ~ Nurturing

naturally unscented

organic – local

Fireweed Botanicals Calendula flowers are harvested from plants generationally grown from the mother plants Joanne first seeded twenty years ago.

Traditionally, herbalists understood the energetic nurturing and mothering nature of Calendula Flower. This beautiful oil offers a diverse, rich repertoire of medicine for all ages.

100 ml. – $35        50 ml. – $25

Calendula is gentle and nourishing for the face and good for those with sensitive or fine skin including infants

It helps to reduce varicose veins, stimulates slow moving circulation and  congestion and reducing edema in the legs when applied regularly
As a compress it’s  beneficial to inflamed areas like digestive organs and lymphatic glands
It is antiviral and disinfectant, preventing infection while promoting  fast healing of cuts, bedsores, insect bites, burns and rashes.  
Children ~ Calendula Flower Oil is one of the best oils for newborns, infants and children’s skin and overall well being. Its cocoon-like mothering nature, excellent rash prevention and overall gentleness makes it a boon for the young and old!
Energetic Nature: nurturing, comforting, relaxing and sleep aid for all ages

Content: Extract of local Organic Calendula flower in CP/EV Olive Oil, Organic. Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E Oil and corresponding Flower Remedies.