Fireweed Botanicals Herbal Relief Oil

chronic pain ~ neuralgia ~ arthritis ~ muscle strain or injury

wild crafted ~ herbal pain combination
natural subtle scent

Some customers say this is one of Joanne’s more Shamanic formulas, working deeply and intuitively.
100 ml. – $36        50 ml. – $26

Herbal Relief is a three herb, wild formula that promotes healing while decreasing inflammation and pain from nerve damage or strange neurological anomalies, injuries and muscle strain

It relieves arthritis, sciatica, back spasms, cramps, flare up of old injuries and for those living with chronic pain.

Energetic Nature: the collective consciousness of all 11 healing herbs and their protection

Contents: Extracts of local wild St John Wort, Dandelion Flower; Black. Cottonwood tree bud in Cold pressed/EV. Olive Oil,Organic. Sunflower Oil, Castor Bean Oil; 10 ml. and corresponding Flower Remedies.

Caution: Though rare, St John’s Wort may cause skin irritation to photosensitive individuals.