How to Use

Fireweed Botanicals Oils and Salves are made for external use. They work self applied. With the Oils, massage until the skin is warm – approximately one minute, longer if needed, this enables the energetic and medicinal plant proprieties to absorb and work effectively. With the First Aid Salve, apply gently if wound is painful or dab on with a sterile Q-tip. If needing more than one application, avoid reinserting used Q-tip or finger back into First Aid Salve if applying on open or infected cuts.

Fireweed Botanicals Products

ALTERNATIVES: If there is know one around to help you with those sore or hard to reach places on your body, various Fireweed Botanical Oils are effective as Herbal Bath Therapies or applied as warm Herbal Compresses.

FOR STRESS & TENSION: To help relieve stress and tension massage the Fireweed Botanical Oils on the area of your body where you hold tension, or where it helps you to feel psychologically relaxed.

EXAMPLES : shoulders and neck, heart area, belly, sacrum and back, feet, legs, hands and jaw. Using Fireweed Botanical Oils in a Therapeutic Herbal Bath or applied as a Herbal Compress is also an effective stress and tension releaser.

BODY WORK PRACTITIONERS can also provide effective and nourishing alternatives. I often bring my Fireweed Botanical Oil to my message therapy appointments. Numerous customers have shared the same experience. The medicinal oils are especially healing when applied during body work for tension, soreness, injury or just needing nourishment and care. Find the right Fireweed Botanicals Oil or Salve for your needs. Look in your local directory for a body work practitioner in your area.


For best results be consistent. With general discomforts apply 2 x a day. For chronic flare ups and new injuries 3 & 4 x a day. You can use them as often as you want, they are safe to experiment with. Discover how often specifically helps you.

CHRONIC CONDITIONS such as, inflammation, arthritis, old injury flare ups, nerve damage, fibromyalgia or tendentious, apply when in pain but, also be preventative. I have heard from athletes, gardeners, builders and desk job customers saying, when they apply the applicable Fireweed Botanical Oil or Salve, prior to a work out or job, their chronic conditions and old flare ups are much less, or not at all.

NEW INJURIES such as sprains, strains, bruising and more, begin applying the appropriate Fireweed Botanicals Oil or Salve as soon after the injury as possible. This allows the energetic and medicinal properties to heal the traumatized area sooner, while preventing or decreasing inflammation.

SKIN CONDITIONS & FIRST AID such as rashes, dry skin, mild eczema, cuts, burns, insect/animal bites, hemorrhoids, healing surgery incisions and scar prevention, poor circulation, venous congestion, swelling and more, follow the same instructions above – be consistent.


“The physician treats, Nature heals”  – Hippocrates