Lavender Flower Oil Testimonials

Lavender Flower Oil  

Lavendula officinalis angustifolia sp.

organic – local

Fresh Lavender Plants“Joanne’s unique ability to collaborate with plants allows her to create botanical oils of the highest quality. Drawing on intuition and the wisdom of folk tradition, she captures the deepest essence of the plants she partners with. I have experienced firsthand the healing abilities of her Fireweed Botanical oils and witnessed their healing properties on others.
For many years, I’ve had a particular affinity for lavender. It brightens my garden, pleases my palate and refreshes my skin. I have long kept a bottle of lavender essential oil by my bedside, appreciating its ability to draw me into sleep.

Joanne’s Fireweed Botanical Lavender Flower Oil has intensified my experience of this healing herb. I need only to uncap the bottle and smell its contents to feel a deep sense of calm permeate my body. Not only is it soothing, but the delicate scent alone makes it a beautiful fragrance for the skin.
If my muscles tense up from physical work, I rub Fireweed Botanicals Lavender Flower Oil into the tight spots and feel an energetic and physical rebalancing, which eases the discomfort. And on those nights when my mind is too busy to rest, I slather myself in Joanne’s lavender oil and plunge into a deep and blissful sleep”

Melanie, Small Earth Farm,
Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Fresh Lavender Plants“I use Fireweed Botanicals Lavender Oil as a “confidence booster”. When I am going into what I believe may be a stressful situation (job interview, first day of work, confrontations etc.) I apply it to my whole upper body. I am not sure how it works but I feel it helping me. I also use it before bed at night for comfort and I rub it onto the bottom of my boys feet at bedtime to connect with them quietly at the end of our crazy days and to help them relax into sleep.”

Edmonton, AB

Fresh Lavender PlantsFireweed Botanicals Lavender Flower Oil is very calming. I usually applied this product under my nose for a better night’s sleep and have placed drops on dried flowers or on potpourris around the house. Joanne’s Lavender Flower Oil has such a beautiful fragrance and calming effect.
I do not really comprehend all of what Joanne does to make her Fireweed Botanical products. To me Joanne is like a Plant whisperer. What I do know is whatever Joanne is doing to make these products effective, it is working.“

Victoria, BC.