Balm Of Gilead Oil

Black Cottonwood tree buds with catkins emerging, Balm Of Gilead Oil

Balm Of Gilead Oil

Black Cottonwood Tree Bud – Popuus gileadensis

native – wild crafted

Balm of Gilead Oil – Testimonials

Black Cottonwood tree buds with catkins emerging

“The magnificent healing power of Fireweed Botanicals I discovered quite by accident.

Less than 30 days after some post-op trauma, (the end result of some invasive surgery), – I acquired a rare and little understood autoimmune disease: CRPS. It severely affected my nerves in my right arm, leading to swelling and the body rejecting the limb. Admittedly my symptoms were much less severe than many other sufferers of CRPS, but extremely debilitating to me just the same.

The western medicine specialists had all kinds of narcotics, anti-inflammatory and nerve-deadening agents. The side effects of this cocktail were beyond my ability to cope. Although some of the western pharma-therapy had a vital role in my regaining my arm, I had to stop eating most of the others one-by-one.

In desperation I had suddenly remembered acquiring, at a Farmers Market the year before, – direct from the creator, a small bottle of an ancient and proven remedy. I had filed it away with all of our other for-emergency-use

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