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Black Cottonwood tree buds with catkins emerging, Balm Of Gilead Oil

Balm Of Gilead Oil

Black Cottonwood Tree Bud – Popuus gileadensis

wildcrafted – local

Black Cottonwood tree buds with catkins emerging

“As a result of nerve and tissue damage from complex fractures and surgery on my wrist and hand, I developed complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). I have constant burning and stinging in the scar area on my inner wrist, encompassing the base of my thumb, and the top of my hand. My hand and fingers swell, ache, and are stiff.
The arsenal of medicines from my doctors numb the pain and reduce inflammation, but make me drowsy and cognitively dysfunctional. Fortunately, I located Fireweed Botanist’s website through one of their testimonials on the internet.
Now, I apply Joanne’s oils twice a day to my painful areas: Fireweed Botanicals Balm of Gilead Oil and Herbal Relief Oil and within minutes the swelling in my fingers reduces, easing the pain and increasing mobility. I also get relief from the burning and stinging sensations without the awful side effects of the nerve medication. My quality of life is notably better now. With much gratitude.”

Sky, Artist
ProvinceTown, USA

Black Cottonwood tree buds with catkins emerging“I consider myself a long time user of Fireweed Botanicals products. I have been using Joanne’s products for about a decade. I was highly skeptical of the effectiveness of the products but after using the Fireweed Botanicals Balm of Gilead Oil I noticed immediate results, the same with Joanne’s Synergy First Aid Salve.
The Balm of Gilead Oil not only, in my opinion, heals but also protects. I usually apply the Balm on my hands prior to physical work for stuff that is hard on the hands. It just provides that protective layer that lasts for hours. A little goes a long way.
What I also noticed is that it warms the area that it is applied to. The stiff joints in my hands seemed to dramatically lesson over a three week period of use and applying it to back aches and other aching areas was highly effective. Also I experienced a better night’s sleep when I rubbed a drop of the Balm of Gilead under my nose.”

Victoria, BC

Black Cottonwood tree buds with catkins emerging“The magnificent healing power of Fireweed Botanicals I discovered quite by accident. Less than 30 days after some post-op trauma (the end result of some invasive surgery), I acquired a rare and little understood autoimmune disease: CRPS. It severely affected my nerves in my right arm, leading to swelling and the body rejecting the limb. Admittedly my symptoms were much less severe than many other sufferers of CRPS, but extremely debilitating to me just the same.
The western medicine specialists had all kinds of narcotics, anti-inflammatory and nerve-deadening agents. The side effects of this cocktail were beyond my ability to cope. Although some of the western pharmacy-therapy had a vital role in regaining my arm, I had to stop taking most of the others one-by-one.
In desperation I had suddenly remembered acquiring, at a Farmers Market the year before, direct from the creator, a small bottle of an ancient and proven remedy. I had filed it away with all of our other for-emergency-use. I never imagined I would need it so soon. Fireweed Botanicals Balm of Gilead Oil was exactly the thing to tame the nerves and swelling where all the pharmaceuticals failed. Literally, at the end of the day, I could slowly watch the inflammation in my arm recede, the nerve pains abate, and the mobility regain, as I applied the Fireweed Botanicals Balm of Gilead Oil regularly.
Since then I have acquired three larger bottles in just 7 months, and it has been a nightly ritual ever since. In fact it’s the one and only thing that brings relief. We have always known the ancient healing powers of Balm of Gilead. We had just been so blessed to find someone like Fireweed Botanicals who knew how to render it properly and make it available to us.
You never know when you need a miracle, and where it’s going to come from.
Thank you Joanne for creating Fireweed Botanicals.Thanks for healing me where western medicine failed to… Thanks for literally helping me win back my right arm, every single day.”

Maple Bay, B.C.

Black Cottonwood tree buds with catkins emerging“I have to tell you about my Balm of Gilead Oil experience Joanne. This amazing thing happened! I bought your Fireweed Botanicals Balm of Gilead Oil for Bob’s mum but my lower back was really bothering me on Sunday so I thought I would rub a bit on and try it. I knew Bob’s mom wouldn’t mind. Once I did that I got a clear sense that I needed to be gentle with myself, and still. I felt nurtured and I swear I could feel the Balm of Gilead caring for my lower back.
It was then that I remembered you saying that you really listen and sense when the plants are ready to be processed and strained and I just knew that now the Black Cottonwood buds were ready and willing to help my back pain. I reapplied it a couple of times that day and the pain subsided.
Then yesterday I woke up with a million things to do and clearly sensed I needed to leave those things and take a day for myself and my young son Hayden. I sensed I needed to be gentle with myself and give myself a day to enjoy. I used your Balm of Gilead Oil in the morning and met friends for a walk. Hayden had a nap and I did a few little things that I had been wanting to do for myself for sometime but hadn’t had time to do.
In the late afternoon while Hayden was still asleep I reapplied the Balm of Gilead Oil on my back which was bothering me again. I also gave myself a real good neck and upper shoulder massage with it. My neck wasn’t sore but It really felt like what I needed. It felt so good, I could feel the warmth and energy from the oil. It was heavenly and exactly what I needed.
Get this… about an hour later I started to get a headache. I drank lots of water because I get headaches when I am dehydrated. Bob came home and my headache got steadily worse, it lasted for about an hour reaching its painful peak at 30 min. I swear I experienced my first migraine. A mild one but I couldn’t bare any light. My vision was blurry and it hurt from the front of my head to the base of my head. Then it slowly dissipated into nothing. The whole time I sensed that my body was processing and releasing something. And then I got my period.
The back ache and headaches are not common for me as a part of my cycle. Is this not the strangest thing?! My sense was that when I used your Fireweed Botanicals Balm of Gilead Oil, massaging it into my neck and back, it released something energetically that needed to go in a timely fashion. On top of all of this, I really think that using your Fireweed Botanicals Balm of Gilead Oil helped me to be in tune with and listen to my body, something I’ve not been so good at since I started my business.
What is your take on this Joanne? I have found this to be an important experience. I know this is quite a book but I wanted to share this with you and hear your thoughts.”

Jennifer, Entrepreneur
Vernon, BC