Fireweed Botanicals Dandelion Flower Oil

Taraxacum officinale

~stress and tension release ~

naturally unscented 

wild and organic garden harvest 

Dandelion Blossoms are a welcome sight in early spring with their happy sun yellow faces. Dandelion teaches us about the balance between doing and being. It works as a liniment directly applied or as a bath therapy.

100 ml – $36      50 ml – $26

Dandelion Flower Oil promotes deep relaxation while releasing emotional tension and rigidity held in the muscles and fascia of the body caused by mental and emotional stress; all areas, especially neck and shoulders.

An effective bath therapy, it balances and relaxes a tense, exhausted, mind and body (bath instructions on bottle)

As a liniment it relieves fibromyalgia pain (also see Balm of Gilead Oil)

As a compress it helps reduce breast cysts

Dandelion Flower Oil works equally well self applied, as a massage oil or bath therapy. See the “How to care for and use Fireweed Botanicals” page for detailed instructions on Bath Therapy

Energetic Nature: balance and effortlessness

Content: Extract of  Dandelion Flower, Cold pressed/EV Olive Oil, Organic Safflower Oil, Caster Bean Oil 10 ml, Vitamin E. Oil. and corresponding Flower Remedies