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“To me, Joanne is like a Plant Whisperer…”

Thomas, Victoria BC

Co-Creating With Nature

Nature has always provided us with an abundance of plants for healing and nourishment. With Fireweed Botanicals I have wild-crafted ninety percent of the plant medicines from native and wild plants on Vancouver Island. I organically grow the remaining ten percent in local gardens. All my harvesting is done gently and sustainably with ecological awareness, and in a co-creative relationship with the plants consciousness and the living land. Through this profound relationship I create a vehicle for you to experience both the physical and energetic healing abilities of our natural world.

Fireweed Botanicals are hand-crafted in a time honored tradition

Wild Fireweed - Jordon River, Vancouver Island

Once harvested, the medicinal plants are slowly sun infused or low heat extracted, over time, in quality cold pressed oils. This age old process allows the plants naturally occurring medicinal constituents to saturate the carrier oil, creating a therapeutic and healing substance for external use.

I make all the Fireweed Botanical products in small batches. This insures quality and allows me to energetically nurture the physical and energetic alchemy that has taken place through co-creating with the plants.

To Scent or Not to Scent

Fireweed Botanicals are naturally scented; nothing is added. During the infusion time, the plants natural scent transfers into the carrier oil along with it’s medicinal and energetic properties. Adding essential oils or perfumes would alter the natural therapeutic purity that I would like you to experience. Instead, you will experience the subtle natural scents of the plants and trees themselves.

Fireweed Botanicals Have A Unique Addition ~ Flower Essences

Bach Flower Formulations

Flower Essences or Remedies, are odorless liquid solutions made from the energetic imprints of plant and tree flowers. Classified as Plant Energy Medicine, they help optimize the bodies natural healing ability by re-balancing the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, the subtle energetic aspects of our selves, where well being, health and disease source from.

The Result ~ holistic, synergistic plant products that foster healing, pain relief and subtle re-balancing of the whole person.

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